Ideal Snacks For Your Wine Tasting

A wine tasting is something that we all should try at least once. It allows us to explore the different varieties of the grape and open our palettes to a range of flavors and tastes. But no tasting is successful without a good selection of wines which help to complement the wines you try out. While you can go for the usual selections such as breads and cheese, today we give you some options which are out of the box and what you might not usually find.

Homemade trail mix

Trail mix has been a party favorite for years but for this particular occasion, we recommend our own little twist on this classic party dish. This is actually a combination of not only the classic party favourite but a wine pairing favourite as well. A combination of roasted and salted nuts ranging from pistachios to peanuts to cashews mixed with pieces of hard cheeses and dried fruit. The end result is a selection of crunchy, chewy, salted and sweet mouthfuls which go well with earthy wines such as pinot noir or dry wines such as a Riesling.

Chocolate and peanut butter toast

Chocolate and peanut butter has always been a favourite for a snack but what most don’t realise is that it makes a pretty great wine pairing as well. Slather on a thin layer of each on a piece of toast and cut in up in to smaller squares. The combination of salty and sweet will play havoc on your taste buds and will also work well with a chardonnay wine Australia or a dry rose.

Artichoke dip with bread

Bread has always been a fan favourite when it comes to wine tasting but it serves more as a palate cleanser rather than something which helps to enhance the flavor but combine it with a dip as such as artichoke and you have a different playing field. The creaminess and flavor of the dip bodes well with full bodied wines such as burgundy, zinfandel and sauvignon blanc. These wines and the dip will complement each other enhancing each of their flavours. The thing with wine pairing is that it depends on the drinker. Sometime what works for one will not work for the other. But just because it does not work for you, that does not mean that you have to stick to it. Find your own mix that works for you. Our suggestions are just that, suggestions. Nothing is set in stone especially when it comes to food and drink.