The Popularity Of Fast Food

Much to the constant woe of parents, fast food is beloved by children everywhere. These children then turn into adults who also love fast food. Its popularity is only surpassed by how fast it became popular across the world in the last two decades. But why is it that this particular segment of the food industry became so successful? Here is a quick look at why. Looking for best restaurants at Epping.

Lightning Fast

Fast food – as opposed to street food which is everywhere – became famous first in Western countries where society had transitioned from agrarian to industrial to consumer capitalism fast. Along with this came the rat race of life; everyone was in a hurry and food that had to be cooked for hours with lots of ingredients a la French cuisine was abandoned in droves. Instead, people flocked to burger restaurants and other types of eateries that now served fast food because, like its name, it satisfied people’s need for speed in their lives.

Name Brand Association

It took a while for the actual fast food chains to get to Asia, Africa, Russia and Oceania but its reputation preceded it by years. Children and adults had grown up consuming western media which showcased commercials and references to all the famous fast food chains so that when they finally arrived, there was already a loyal customer base ready to consume any and all of the food provided by these mostly American restaurants.Along with the name came its culture: toys that were included in the kid’s meals that reflected current movie trends, the price tag that brought a certain sense of prestige with it because not everyone in Asia and Africa could afford it, the serving staff who would sometimes dress just provocatively enough to buck local traditions etc. It wasn’t just another pizza or sandwich – it was a way of life.

Finger Lickin’ Good

As with most unhealthy eats, fast food is tasty. This is because it is chock full of fats, grease, salt, preservatives, flavour enhancers, artificial colourings and heavily processed condiments. In fact, one of the hallmarks of fast food is its processed flavour; go to a gourmet fast food outlet, or a home-cooked style eating at burger restaurants place that serves the same food and you will notice the difference. If there are any veggies in the food, it’s usually a tad old. The meat is overcooked in order to be able to flash freeze it and ship it to the various branches of the chain across the planet. So these items may be healthy but they should be approached with caution. Weigh its popularity and taste against obesity, diabetes and high levels of cholesterol before you take that first bite.