Ways To Host An Easter Brunch In 3 Simple Steps

If you would like sharing food with the loved ones, an Easter brunch would be the ideal way to do so. It is not only a fun and amazing way to get together over Easter but it will also save you from over extending your catering options and reducing the hassle to get all the menu options together. Here are few steps on how to host an Easter brunch.

Deciding on the day and the guests

You will have to pick an ideal date depending on the availability of the people that you invite. A weekend brunch usually is hosted on a Sunday and typically this is the best day to have people over for an Easter brunch too. However, some people like having a Good Friday brunch too while others may prefer a more private gathering of family only. Whichever, you choose be sure to check that they are available during this weekend as most people also travel over the Easter weekend.

Meal optionsThere are a lot of Easter meal options that you can choose from. Most people would like to have food that is mostly oriented with the season and Easter. You could have a buffet style spread of food options that would have a wider selection and/ or food that can be served as a sit down. For example; fresh pancakes that are cooked at a live station. While it is not recommended to have foods like pizza even if it is the best pizza HK that everyone likes, Easter brunch should be more themed towards maple muffins, crepes, hash brown potatoes, roast lamb and so on. Make sure to add in some chocolate and sugary treats to the menu as well. Some of these would include chocolate Easter eggs, Easter cookies and bunny cakes. If you are preparing the food, there are endless possibilities of adding delicious food items.

Games and fun activities

It will be ideal to decorate the venue using pastel shades or soft colours especially the dining table. The table can have napkins, napkin holders and table runners that are Easter themed. As always with any gathering, especially one that involves family and friends, having some games and activities for after the meals will be considered a great idea. Kids can be presented with classic egg and spoon races, Easter egg hunts or decorating eggs to spend the rest of the afternoon. While the adults can take part in fun activities such as pinning the tail on the bunny or a board game.